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With producing and broadcasting experience on the Maltese Programme for SBS radio in Australia, and a Mezzo Soprano/Alto vocal range, Frances’ voice brings an interesting blend of warmth, sensuality and vibrancy to suit a variety of script interpretations.

An international multi-lingual actress, Frances is fluent in Maltese and English with a good working knowledge of Italian and French. Her love of languages, poetry, literature, singing and songwriting makes her an ideal candidate as a versatile collaborator on audio projects.


VoiceOver Demo - Frances Duca

The shutters came down with a Bang!

"Silence!", they said

To the noise in our head.

"Welcome the light you don't see through your eyes.

Feel the sensation of every vibration

A chorus of utter delight.

When you return don't forget what you learnt

Lest the dream will disperse 

And the memories take flight in thin air.

Remember the taste, the sigh and the smell,

The touch and the whisper that tell 

Of magical moments

Repeating again and again."

Frances Duca     

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